Country Victoria, Jan 2012

January 4, 2012 — January 7, 2012

Travelled around country Victoria to sites where rare dragonflies have been recorded. Unfortunately I didn't see any of these rare ones and generally the condition of the waterways visited was very poor.

 Kiewa River, Killara  Broken Creek, Nathalia

Middle of the day and saw a few common odonata.

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 Avon River, Grays Bridge

A. aridus probably the least common of a few common odonata.

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 Richardson River, Wimmera Hwy

Saw a couple of common odonata in this stagnant river. Carp were present, water was silty.

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 Richardson River at Carrs Plain Rd

Saw several odonata at this drying-up river crossing. Water was black, no carp were present.

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 Taylors Lake Reservoir

Saw numerous common odonata and a pond just to the north of the lake.

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 South-Western Grampians

Located a good new Hemiphlebia mirabilis site as well as saw Austroaeschna ingrid for the first time.

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Reiner Richter

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Australia Dragonflies

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