New Dragonfly Species for Victoria

January 27, 2013

Photos and a video taken to confirm Austrophlebia costalis (Southern Giant Darner) for Victoria.

After having visited this site on the Wingan River in Croajingolong National Park every year for the last for or five I was finally able to capture diagnostic-quality photos of the large dragonfly I had seen on every previous visit.

The males of this species can be observed patrolling around the edges of this riverine pool looking for females. They are generally fast-flyinf but occasionally "hawk" to examine something in detail (no doubt hoping for a female to be there). I camped myself at a site they appeared to slow down around, a place that contained floating and partially submerged, rotting logs. Knowing that other similar dragonflies (like Austroaeschna unicornis) oviposit in such logs I was hoping to get some photos of the males flying past.


Initially I got some low-quality photos of flying males but on the last day a female landed on the log my feet were resting on and I was able to get reasonable photos (albeit without my macro lens attached).

Locations visited

Wingan River Rapids


Damselflies 2 species
Common Flatwing (Austroargiolestes icteromelas) 4
Bronze Needle (Synlestes weyersii) 1
Dragonflies 3 species
Jade Hunter (Austrogomphus ochraceus) 3
Austrophlebia costalis 3 males in flight, females ovipositing twice
Unicorn Darner (Austroaeschna unicornis) 1
Terrestrial Reptiles 1 species
Black Rock Skink (Egernia saxatilis) 2



Written by

Reiner Richter

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